Hi everyone. We would like to introduce you the new App for Android devices based on Z-Wave. We hope you enjoy it. Please, comment and rate.


Can you imagine a home automation system intuitive, cheap and efficient? Available for any user, at any place and any moment? With dEOmotics, you can stop imagining right away.

Know a new way of keeping home automation in the palm of your hand, either from your smartphone or tablet. Discover all the possibilities that domotics can offer to you while keeping your house as safe and comfortable as you have always wished:

- Activate alarms, control the temperature, switch on and off the lights, control every situation and any possible intruders. There is not limitation at all, irrespective of when and where you want to access your system.

- Manage on your own the safety of your house. Never before has been so easy and efficient.

- Save energy easily and quickly. The energy-focused devices will allow you to reduce the unnecessary energy consumption.

Main characteristics:

- Profitability, thanks to Z-Wave.
- Design your lay out and place your devices.
- Real time information of your house environment.
- Receive your alarm notifications instantly.
- Remote control your devices from everywhere.
- Easily upgradable at any moment with new devices.
- Wide set of devices: thermostats, alarms, motion detectors, lights…
- Wireless, all devices are radio controlled.
- Intuitive design.

We want to help you designing and installing your own home automation low cost system, that's why we will be including information and tutorials on the following URL:

Technical requirements:

dEOmotics works with any Z-Way gateway (that provides the REST API from Z-Wave), such as Razberry. Razberry is a low cost home automation controller based on Raspberry Pi.

We hope you enjoy this app. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any additional information you may need.

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