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Thread: Controlling Pegler iTemps

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    Default Controlling Pegler iTemps

    So,we've recently taken delivery of a number of the Pegler iTemps. I did briefly consider the zwave TRVs from Danfoss/Stella but my understanding is that the Danfoss units are twitchy at best and a downright nightmare at worst.

    The Stella's, whilst seeming to be much less hassle, are also fairly unpleasant to look at. Now that wouldn't bother me but kit needs to have the wife acceptance factor (WAF) to get through the door.

    The fact that some retailers have special offers on the iTemps (buy 3 get 1 free) finally pushed into getting them and I also got the USB stick to program them along with a couple of window sensors.

    Now having seen how the window sensors work, they send a message for when they open or close and the TRV they've been paired with responds by either going into "Window open" mode or back to the current setpoint temp.

    The USB stick is from eQ-3 so as per comments I've seen, the iTemps appear to be rebadged or based on eQ-3 items.

    What I'm wondering is this. Given that the iTemps are "listening" all the time for broadcast messages (eg from a paired window sensor or the remote control you can buy to set the temp for a paired TRV), is there any way to capture/recreate those messages and then broadcast them from something like an RFXCOM?

    It would need to be one that can handle the 868Mhz freq transmissions. As I understand it the Pegler's are probably using a protocol such as FS20 or whatever the Eq-3 stuff talks.

    I'd like to know if it's possible and if so, what sort of software & hardware would be needed to make it a reality.

    At the moment, the only hardware I have is a HP Microserver with Xenserver on it being used to host a few VMs, but nothing too demanding.

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    Hi Kovacs,

    I know that Bert @ RFXCom looked at supporting FS20 on the older versions of his transmitters and receivers a number of years ago but the demand wasn't great enough.

    AH had an article on the EQ-3 stuff at

    There's also support for EQ-3 in FHEM nowadays (

    FHEM runs on Linux and Windows, so that might be the best place to start.

    I use FHEM and xAP FHEM myself with ELV / FS20 based thermostats, radiator valve actuators and boiler interlock. It's worked really well and reliably for a number of years, but does have it's limitations. I'm planning on upgrading to a Z-Wave based system this year to integrate with my other Z-Wave stuff, likely based on StellaZ and Secure Thermostat / Receiver but not 100% sure yet - Danfoss have just released an updated version of their Living Connect which should have resolved the previous reliability issues so I'll be checking that out soon.

    Hope that helps!
    Martyn Wendon
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