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    Default Dimmer switch

    Hi I'm having a problem re-connecting my dimmer switch on the switch there are 4 terminals LOAD, LINE1, LINE2 and LOAD. I have 3 wires 1 BLUE & 2 REDS please could tell me which goes were as I have just blown up my first switch. any help on this Please! So thats it ..............

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    One blue and two reds?

    That looks like an odd combination.

    Depending on when the house was wired, you should either have:

    - a combination of red and black
    - a combination of blue and brown

    A combination of blue and red suggests that someone (probably unqualified) has tried some kind of bodge retrofit.

    From the fact you have 4 terminals, I'm assuming that this is a double dimmer switch?

    From the fact you have 3 wires rather than two, I'm guessing that this is a two-way-switching installation?

    Can you give a bit more detail?


    Mark Harrison

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