Hoping someone will be able to help. I have a Honeywell Hometronic system installed in my house with a Hometronic Manager HCM 200D controlling everything, 16 rooms with 23 Honeywell HR80s on the radiators, linked back to the boiler with a HS 30 switch for the hot-water and a HC60NG controller for the central heating. I don't use lifestyles but do use the Time programs which are programmed at a room level and each individual radiator being able to activate the boiler. The system works without problem.

Recently I've found I can't get one radiator's HR80 to bind [batteries went dead on this radiator controller]. I've got a couple of spare HR80's and have tried each one to rule out a faulty HR80, and have tried new batteries. Have also tried resetting the HR80 prior to commencing the bind as well. I follow the procedure of pressing HR80 bind button for 1 second / getting the bind symbol flashing / activate binding at command centre for the room (dining room - has only 1 radiator) and then wait. After around 4 minutes, the bind symbol disappears from the HR80 and hasn't binded. Strange thing is, I've tried rebinding HR80's with other rooms in the house and no problem at all. Its just this room for some reason. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm wondering if there is a limit to the number of HR80's that can be binded to the HCM 200D but couldn't find anything in Honeywell literature or on the web in relation to this.