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Thread: New evohome shipped - getting it tomorrow

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    Default New evohome shipped - getting it tomorrow

    Well thanks to I've just received notification that my new evohome controller and internet gateway has been shipped and I should get it tomorrow.

    Anyone got theirs so far ?

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    I guess suppliers have been receiving their stock of Evos and Gateways this week too. Shame that HR92s are not going to be available for another 6-7 weeks based on the recent updates from Honeywell.

    I have to say that the more I use the new Evo the more polished it seems, I can see the effort that has gone into the user interface has paid dividends. There are a few additions I'd like to see in the App (ability to modify time schedules for example), and hopefully there is scope for this to be included future App updates
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    I have just ordered mine, I'm hoping it works better than the old Evohome, which in my case has been pretty flaky in operation.

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