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Thread: Honeywell HR80UK and 20C Setting - Losing my mind

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    Default Honeywell HR80UK and 20C Setting - Losing my mind

    Hoping someone may be able to help me out here as i am getting close to the end of my tether.

    I have 8 HR80UK's on 6 zones, a BDR91 for hot-water tank controlled by a EvoTouch Monochrome, initially i had one valve in an upstairs bedroom that was constantly setting itself to 20C when losing connection to the Evotouch. I swapped its location to between another bedroom and it cured the problem despite it have a signal strength of 5 before the move. So problem solved for no apparent reason, both valves still have a signal strength of 5. (Just it is facing east instead of west now......)

    Now I have two valves in one zone (sitting room) that are acting up, sometimes one valve set to 20C other times both valves. The controller is only about 10-12 feet away and signal strength is 5 again. I have tried rebinding these, deleting the zone, reconfiguring, pulling batteries, resetting the HR80's and still 20C set-point after about 12 hours or so, normally in the middle of the bloody night it happens.

    Here is the funny thing, if i pull the batteries from both of these troublesome HR80's one will act up in the kitchen and set to 20C.

    Is this an Evotouch issue or a HR80 issue? To me it looks more like a Evotouch issue and i am thinking of a factory reset on it and start from scratch again which is going to be very annoying as I have things set-up really well other than that and i am very happy with the system.

    Valve firmware is 2.04.

    I hope someone can help me as I am very fed up at the moment. I have read some other posts on the same issue here but i don't think i have faulty HR80's as the problem appears to move zone to zone.

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    Sorry for replying to my own thread, would an 864 MHz baby monitor interfere with the HR80's? or is the 2Mhz difference enough, i know not much about how sensitive frequencies are.

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    Thumbs up HR80UK radiator controller - Possible solution

    Quote Originally Posted by Dizzy_g View Post
    Sorry for replying to my own thread, would an 864 MHz baby monitor interfere with the HR80's? or is the 2Mhz difference enough, i know not much about how sensitive frequencies are.
    It appears like you have your hands full of problems with your Honeywell Honeywell HR80UK controls but don't start pulling your hair out yet. What sometime appears to be a mystery why you loose connection with your HR80UK radiator controller has sometime logical explanations.

    In your second question you ask if an 864 MHz baby monitor could be the culprit or the cause of your problem. The answer to that question is YES, but before you decide to throw it in the bin there might be another explanation for your problem.

    Today's homes are filled with various wireless technologies - from baby monitors, mobile phones, TV remote controls, microwave ovens, cordless telephones, wireless headphones (Sennheiser 864 MHz), wireless doorbells and wireless computer data networks and wireless light switches - each operating on different radio frequency (RF) signals. There are three main frequency bands that are most often used by RF emitting products of which in the higher frequency range are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz and in the lower range you have the 868 spectrum that covers products from Honeywell (863.3 MHz) and Z-Wave Alliance (868.42 MHz - Europe) and finally there are the lowest frequency devices that use 433 MHz: This frequency is commonly used by garage door remote, video senders and radio controlled toys.

    If your home is close to a neighbouring property you might be experiencing interference from your neighbours, which is more common than most people realise.

    Another common cause for interference might be from your home structural elements that can cause interference with RF signals. Metal objects are the greatest barrier that wireless signals encounters so consider what metal objects are in a direct line between the thermostat and programmer is a good start. In most cases the wireless signal will find a communications route, but large metal objects will act as a reflector, so simple repositioning of a few components by few centimetres in any direction might do the trick to improve signal reception. Another important point to consider - is there a metal object within 30 cm of the thermostat or is the thermostat mounted onto a wall using a metal mounting box? Standard metal wall boxes may have an effect on operations.

    Wireless signals will pass through walls and ceilings but foil backed plaster or insulation board may have effect on signal strength or the range of the wireless communications.
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    Hi Hot,

    Thanks for the reply, I took at it over the weekend and it did turn out to be the baby monitor. The monitor was only in use since spring time while the heating was turned off so it looked like a new problem once the heating season came back.
    I changed the channel on the monitor and have had 5 days trouble free as opposed to 8hour run before setting to 20C.
    I hadn't thought of interference but heard a very faint rhythmical pulsing sound on the monitor one night after resetting 2x HR80s and this is what got me thinking.
    Feel like a bit of a plonker for not thinking of it sooner but i am up and running again.

    Don't worry it is not going into the bin given how much it saves on oil every year. I like it so much i want an ATF300 kit to wall mount the controller rather than have it on a counter top.


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