I am trying to improve the heating control in a small property, I have Heatmiser but the thermostat is on the landing behind a fire door. This often means the other rooms end up too hot or cold. I plan to fit Danfoss Z wave radiator valves controlled by Vera Lite. The property has one open plan space downstairs plus 2 bedrooms bathroom and landing upstairs. I will fit a tripe sensor downstairs so can get the lounge temperature, Up stairs I plan to use a fibaro universal sensor and 4 dallas one wire thermometers.

The simple way to install the sensors (I have some with a nice stainless probe) would be to drill a small hole from the loft into each room, they would be hidden from sight by some exposed beams. Am I likely to get much higher temperature readings that I will need to compensate for? The ceilings are high so the stats will be about 8' up. Should I go to the trouble of trying to locate them lower in the room?

Once this is installed I hope I can apply a bit of logic on vera lite to adjust the radiator set points for a more even temperature.