Hi All,

Just introducing the x-Comfort Home Automation range - I think you guys will be intrigued by there latest products, we
distribute all over Europe and are a key distributor of Eaton/Moeller.

Installing an x-Comfort system with a “Smart Home Controller” will give you full remote access of anything electrical
within the home or controlled environment, from anywhere in the world.
(iPhone App) iStore App Eaton

With x-Comfort installed in the house, you have access to all control devices installed through various different user
interfaces, such as iOS, Android and standard WEB portals.

Wireless communication light switches, dimmers and thermostats can be placed anywhere in the house, without having
to rely on any cables to connect them up. This provides a good practical level of control, enabling zoned control of heating
and lighting. Lights can be controlled to switch on at reduced lux levels to take advantage of external light and save energy.

The advantages:
  1. Less power consumption
  2. Flexible design tailored to your style
  3. Controls your lights and heating
  4. Increased security
  5. Wireless control
  6. No unsightly cables
  7. Remote control via smartphone or web

To see the complete range visit our online store: x-Comfort Online Store

For more information about x-Comfort systems or a free quote, contact us on 0345 00 00 400.

Stephen McAllister