Sadly I'm selling my beloved Tivo to fund necessities such as my mortgage, food, clothes etc

It's just over 2 years old, in excellent condition and has the following:

120Gig drive
2nd hard drive cradle to allow fitting of further drive if required
AirNet card with Netgear PCMCIA 802.11b installed
TivoWeb, ftp, telnet etc
2 * Remote controls
Original box, manuals, leads etc
RF2Link (I think that's what it's called - the jobbie that takes the place of the infra red transmitters and connects directly to a Sky box on the RF2 output so it can change channel)

eBay seems to be a bit of a minefield lately so thought I'd offer it here first.

250 will "Buy-It-Now", or best offer received by next Tuesday....

Contact at (mailing 'dot' lists 'at' aceshigh 'dot' net).