The new controller xComfort for smartphones and tablets:

Smart Control Unit Manager is the heart of any smart wiring. It is installed at the request RF control system of smart phones and also allows for convenient control of the house. Connects to the Internet via WiFi or LAN modem-router for communication uses TCP / IP protocol. Inclusion in the network is very easy, because uses DHCP IP address. Eaton ensure server authentication - Access password and user name.

Smart communications manager within the Internet mediates remote connections households with a smart phone. Provided in addition to controlling lights and appliances - especially zone control heating and cooling energy consumption evaluation, logic control households with time and other user-friendly features, like contained in the Room Manager. It features SMS and e-mail communication software allows the integration of IP cameras, offering the user parameterization scenes, times, temperatures, etc.

Control is possible in the home and outside the home. If you are in a home WiFi router, the Smart Manager to connect directly from your smartphone or tablet. In this case, the smart phone will replace the current RF remote control. For remote control out of the house, it is necessary to connect to the Internet.

Smart Manager communicates wirelessly with up to 99 RF components within easy reach, or even through routing. If the installation is extensive, it is recommended to always use the ECI-LAN interface connecting to Ethernet. In this case, each ECI-LAN communication expands Smart Manager another 99 RF devices.

Customer management applications including home heating / cooling runs in RF Smart Manager. Installation companies will appreciate the possibility to remotely configure applications through a web browser. If you lose your Internet connection, object management is not particularly at risk. You can not only remote control - heating controls and other procedures is fully functional.
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