We are a team of experienced engineers. We are so excited to bring our newly designed smart home device, AirBulb, to everyone through KickStarter.

With elegant and timeless design, AirBulb featured with dimmable, bi-colored LED lighting and superb wireless Bluetooth audio. Just twist it into lamp socket, download the app and pairing it, full function controls would be under your fingertips.Just one single unit. No extra wires. No extra dock. No AC adaptor required. No remote to lose.Truly simple and easy to use.

Main features:
1. Wireless audio transmission by Bluetooth technology
2. Multiple Speaker Connection (up to 2 devices)
3. Wireless On/Off and dimmable control by App (Support both iOS and Android)
4. Color Temperature (Warm White and Cool White) controlled by Apps

AirBulb bring real smart home concept into your home easily. Pls kindly supports our innovation:

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