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    Default Speed & responsiveness

    as our set-up has grown, responsiveness has become an issue, about the house & while reviewing & editing at the PC …

    an issue - but bearable, 'though increasingly less-so …

    from time to time we've tried to find a way to improve the situation ….

    and this evening we did find a way - ie: Windows / My Computer / Local Disc (C) / Properties / de-select indexing (lowest check-box) / click Apply …

    took about fifteen minutes to enact, but afterwards, very noticeable difference …

    our PC is pretty-much dedicated to Cortex, and we don't use Window's search facilities …

    anyway, just in-case someone else was in-need of a boost !

    PS: was a bit nervous this might upset Cortex, in some way, the more so when it became clear how long Windows was going to take to enact the change, and so how long it might take to go back, should we need to, but it seems fine - so-far, anyway …
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