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Thread: Idratek enabled speaker / chime

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    Default Idratek enabled speaker / chime

    I am currently modifying a door chime (Friedland Harmony), using a DIO to make it "Idratek friendly". Unfortunately, I do not have a spare cable to run directly to where I am mounting the door chime. I have a CAT5 running there but it is then coupled to another CAT5 going to my AUI. I just wonder if it is possible to get a flush mounted single gang speaker and Idratek enable it with simple and tiny module with 12V to switchable voltage converter and on/off? Even better if there is already an Idratek speaker planned!

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    not sure I quite follow but we included a relay in our AUI & used it to act as the bell-push for our Friedland chime (battery operated), as a way of giving callers who push the AUI button some immediate & recognisable feedback & having a sound house-guests would recognise we mounted our chime on the wall behind the AUI, so the cable needed was very short

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