Spring cleaning time (forced)

1: PC Trident pad (JT-277) game controller ... used twice, got bored with games 8
2: Micrsoft steering wheel, force feedback version, but not USB. Used few times, same result as above. Gives nice vibrations when hitting hedge etc, but not quite like the real thing! 25
3: 350W ATX power supply 5
4: MSI KT4V-L mobo. 12 (will throw in heatsink) This was used with a AMDXP2400+ until I moved it to a Shuttle.
5: Netgear FS108 10/100 switch (one port does not work - so its a 7 port switch). Rock solid reliable switch 10
6: Xitel MD-PORT DG2 - PC to Minidisk digital recording kit 10

Each plus p&p, open to offers on groups of items, e-mail me for more details on any.

regards, robin