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Thread: Starting my CBUS install

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    Default Starting my CBUS install

    Hi every one,

    After a long awaited start my fist piece of lighting cable was pulled into the new house yesterday!!!!

    The house is a long way off finished waiting for the concrete first floor at the moment!!

    Its an Eco design so some really good features that will hopefully get our energy bills to zero

    Here is a picture of the house I installed the first piece of pink CAT5 cable for the CBUS link to the shed at the bottom of the garden where i will be installing a 8 way marshaling box 5108RMBP to control outside lighting.
    Unfortunately you can not quite see the cable but node zero is on the left of the picture just inside to where the rain water harvest tank is located.

    Up for chatting about any of the features/installation anyone is interested about


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    Exciting times barranak ! Thanks for the photos, please keep updating the thread with your progress and check out some of the Automated home building pics below...


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