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Thread: Evohome and Conservatory

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    Thumbs up Evohome and Conservatory

    Hi all,

    I invested in Honeywell's Evohome, and am pretty pleased with it on the whole!

    Everything is installed and configured by the book as Honeywell Y plan including the 42002116 wiring box

    Evotouch Controller running:
    Two BDR91 Relays in the airing cupboard (DHW and CH)
    CS92A Wireless Sensor on the Hot Water Cylinder
    Three Way Valve wired into the relays
    8 HR80 Radiator TRVs (in 8 separate Zones)
    - one of these uses a HCF82 Room Sensor (since the Radiator is behind a large sofa
    - one uses the sensor in the evotouch controller, as it is wall mounted in the hall where the old thermostat used to be
    - the others use the sensors in the HR80s as the radiators are out in the open so give a pretty fair reading
    Zone 9 - the conservatory
    - BDR91 relay module into the pump and valve which are mounted under the conservatory floor.
    - HCF82 Room Sensor which is bound to the Zone.

    In the main, the above works perfectly:
    when any sensor calls for heat, the boiler fires
    when the hot water comes on at 5pm, the 3-way valve opens
    In fact, during the 18 months of having the system installed, I have noted that my heating bill has exactly halved - so a return on investment that I am delighted with!

    When the new Evotouch ATP921G2080 Controller was released, I upgraded.
    In addition to this, I have added the RFG100 Evohome Mobile Access Kit
    The User Interface is a million times better - much more intuitive, and great to see that a lot of thought has gone into it. Honeywell, if you are reading this, please pass big kudos on to your User Interaction designer!
    I will upgrade the TRVs to the new HR92UK models in due course.

    It was brilliant the other day - I went to The Netherlands for work for a week, and switched everything off as I left home.
    On returning home, I switched the heating and hot water on as I boarded the plane, and by the time I got back, the house was warm, and there was a plenty of hot water for a bath! Perfect!

    I have one minor issue with the conservatory.
    It gets way too hot for the HCF82 sensor, and on a warm day it throws an error back to the controller.
    The error reads: BAD VALUE AMB SENS.

    I have even tried swapping out the HCF82 for a DT92E as I was told it has a higher temperature limit.
    However, I still see the same error.

    Has anyone else experienced this error, and do you have any recommendations on how I can solve it?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Any thoughts on this?

    I am just wondering if the Evohome will accept a CS92A Wireless Hot Water Cylinder Sensor as a zone thermostat?

    That could be the solution to my issue?

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