I have finished using my ChipCon ZigBee development kit and am looking to sell it to a good home.

The ChipCon (www.chipcon.com) CC2420 ZigBee DK contains five CC2420/AVR (ATmega128) based Development Boards, and a CC2420 Evaluation Board that together with a CC2420 RF Module (supplied) can utilize the capability of running Chipcon’s Packet Sniffer with the new ZigBee packet parser addition.

Comes with all leads, power supplies, AVR JTAGICE MkII, and password to download the Figure8 Wireless ZigBee Stack Software, Tools and documentation. A link to WinAVR downlaod is also available from the ChipCon website. The following PDF contains a full description of the kit http://www.chipcon.com/files/CC2420_...Manual_1_0.pdf

Normal UK price = £3319 inc VAT+P&P (www.2k1.co.uk)

The kit is as good as new (purchased in Feb '05) - comes in Blue carry case with anti static bags + foam packing.

To view/purchase follow the link.