Temperature is an important factor for well-being. Controlling heating is not only sensible, it also shapes your mood. Taking care to lower the temperature in rooms that are not in use is a good way to reduce the building’s heating costs. With xComfort, this can be put into practice in both existing buildings and new builds.

Control of heating is important with our extremes of climate. In addition, the lack of resources, energy costs and environmental consciousness mean that we need to manage our energy consumption more carefully. xComfort can help you to do just that! Controlling your heating can have many advantages. xComfort can be used to control both electric and hot water circulation central heating systems.

Functions like automatic night-time reduction and energy-saving programs for extended absence are obvious solutions. Each room or heating zone can have its own temperature profile, tailored to the room’s daily usage patterns.

X-Comfort functions control heating and cooling (if installed) in one zone (e.g. the living room).
In the control area you can switch between the following operation modes Auto: the room temperature always follows automatically the time schedule you have configured (“edit” button) User: you can set the room temperature quickly to an individual value. If Auto mode is (or just was) active this value stays active until the next scheduled temperature change. Then the temperature control changes to the Auto operation mode. If Auto mode is (or was before) inactive this value stays active until you change it manually or select the Auto mode again. If you select one of the following temperature levels, the temperature control changes to the manual mode, these set-points stay active until you change them manually or select the Auto mode again.

Frost protection/Heat protection: if you are away for longer time e.g. on holiday Economy: if a room is empty for a whole day or e.g. at night Standby: if a room is not used for some hours Comfort: if you use the room or need comfortable temperature The display area shows the current temperature value (large font), the current active mode, the wheel position of a Room Controller(if existent) the resulting set point (set-point = temperature level of op. mode + wheel position of Room Controller) the status of the heating (ON: flame symbol is white, OFF: flame symbol is grey) the actual relative humidity value (if Room Controller with included humidity sensor is existent)

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