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Thread: Opinions on best Heating Controls (plus HA system in general...)

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    Question Opinions on best Heating Controls (plus HA system in general...)


    So I'd like to replace my timing unit and I'm keen on HA so I'm looking at units that have the ability to fit into a patchwork style HA system.

    From my initial research I can't see much past Honeywell Evo, if it wasn't for the automation being dependent on Honeywell's servers I'd have already gone for it. Every post here (since it was released) is about the system as well. Seems like it's popular!

    Thought I'd ask a few questions here in case anyone can help:
    • can it be controlled and queried from a system like OpenHAB or Domotiga? Maybe with a RPi\RFXCom system?
    • is there anything that competes?
    • can it report the temperature of the hot water?
    • for cost reasons, I'd do the Heating and Hot water now and then TRVs later in the year - does that work ok?

    These are my current devices, I'm aiming to link them all together with software like OpenHAB.

    • Sonos
    • MiGuard Alarm
    • Lightwaverf lights
    • Maplin Weather Station
    • Huawei 3G Modem
    • Harmony Hub
    • USB Camera
    • IP Camera
    • QNAP
    • Raspberry Pis
    • efergy energy monitor

    I'm planning on adding some Somfy blinds as well soon, so will def purchase a RFXCom to use with one of my RPis.

    Thoughts\opinions and advice more than welcome

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    Evo is a very effective modular heating control system (as opposed to being a smart thermostat) which includes a hot water control pack for control of a hot water cylinder. This includes a cylinder sensor for feedback of actual temperature plus control of stored water temperature.

    Honeywell have yet to confirm if they will definitely release an open API via their new Evo Internet gateway to allow simple integration. However there have been posts in other threads where users are reverse engineering the protocol to allow them to control the system from their own platforms via Honeywells servers.
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    thanks for the quick response.

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    You can save a lot of money going down the FS20 route.

    Completely open using FHEM

    Iv been running it for two years, and after the initial teething problems, its rock solid.


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