XAML Icon Studio
XAML Icon Studio offers home automation icons in the graphic styles Shapes, Flat, Classic, Glossy, Silver, Windows 8 and Buttons.
For the generation of buttons different button styles and colors are available.
Windows 8 icons are created with shapes and a tile background.
The base graphics can be combined with an overlay.
For windows, doors and shutters several graphics are offered so that the actual state such as "Open window", "window tilted" can be represented visually.
With the graphics filters, the graphics can be recolored.
Thus, e.g. an inactive status or alarm state can be displayed visually.

The graphics can be exported to vector formats XAML WPF, XAML Silverlight and the pixel formats PNG, BMP, JPG, GIF and ICO (RGB32).

The graphics package contains additional icon sets from other themes, which may be suitable in part for the home automation.

Some design examples that were created with the software:


For more information, please visit www.xaml-icon-studio.com/en