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Thread: Anyone using NUC and/or Windows 8.x Pro?

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    Default Anyone using NUC and/or Windows 8.x Pro?

    Just trying to get feedback from anyone using an NUC platform. Also anyone using Windows 8.x Pro. (For Cortex).

    You can reply here or just e-mail direct to me.

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    Hi Karam,

    I'm using one of the slightly older i3 NUCs running windows 7 (the memorably named DC3217BY) with a 120Gb SSD. I don't have a particularly demanding system, but it copes with no issues.

    I think it's a great little package which seems to be well engineered. It runs a little on the warm side, but no problems so far (4 months in).


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    not used one, but we looked a while back, and decided to wait for Haswell ... which is now available :

    Intel NUC Kit D54250WYK

    review here seems promising :

    but reviews here point to issues with USB devices & the monitor - which maybe rule it out, for use as a 24/7 defibrillated PC !

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