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Thread: re extending Cbus

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    Default re extending Cbus


    If anyone can help me it would be much appreciated.

    I presently have C bus ijn the main house and looking to extend the C bus dimmers to the extension which I am just about to start wiring.

    I have been told that LED downlighters can be used on C bus dimmers as long as there is minimum of 25 watts per channel.I have been advised that Aurora M10 LED downlighters will do the job and I am quite happy to go this route.I was thinking that I would use the 8 channel C buss dimmers which allow for 1A per channel.It is my intention to have 5 downlighters per channel(50w) and possibly 8 downlighters on one channel(80W)Does this sound reasonable and can anyone confirm that these downllighters should be ok?

    Also I am looking for the C bus dimmer to control 3 table lamps with LED lamps.I have not done any research on these yet but I thought that this might help future proof against the day they eventually stop production of candescent lamps.Can anyone recommend any lamps that might work on C bus dimmers(I have not bought the table lamps yet) bearing in mind that there will only be 3 of them and the minimum requirement of 25 watts per channel?

    Thanking you in advance

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    1A = 230W so the load should be fine. I'll be interested in your feedback of the Auroras

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    I've used banks of 4 x 5.5W Philips Master GU10s and they work very well with the 8-channel dimmers.

    The worry with LEDs is that they can damage the dimmer if you don't give it enough watts, so your table lamps might be a problem unless you wire them to all come on together, maybe putting an incandescent lamp in one to get the wattage p.

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