Hello there
I tried for several days to adapt "xap-serial" to work alone on a DockStar, the goal is to integrate the XBee network. a XSTICK ttyUSB0 in the DockStar. Seeking to use the XBee non-api, single bond series and messages xap "serial.comms" alone on the XBee network to avoid overload of traffic "serial" mode. a "gateway for xbee xap". one of you has t he succeeded this kind of feat?

what is the role of:
inifile const char [] = "/ home / xap / xap-livebox.ini"

I can not find an example

is this:

enable = 1
device = / dev/ttyUSB0
speed = 9600


if someone has a way

thank you again to support the project xap

nb: I can not find the work of Patrick Lindstone, currently there a backup?
Vincent (french old boy)