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Thread: Old plan appearing after restart

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    Default Old plan appearing after restart

    Twice in the last couple of weeks my Cortex PC has fallen over. The defibrillator has done its work and rebooted the PC, but Cortex has come back using an old house plan.

    I only noticed when a couple of things in the house haven't worked, and the house plan was flashing away saying nodes weren't responding, (because I had changed them on the up to date plan).

    Any ideas what might be going wrong?


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    First thing is - why has the PC fallen over? Can you provide more detail about the platform - operating system and which version of Cortex you are running. Is it doing anything else besides running Cortex? Any unusual peripherals?

    When you say gone back to using an old house plan, does that imply that the newer plan also exists in the database directory but has a different name? Or are you saying that the changes you made to the old plan were perhaps not saved? Cortex has to pick a *.icd file for the plan. If you changed to a new plan with a different name then perhaps it has not been registered that you are using the new database name. For this to take effect you should be using the new database and perform a save.

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    As Karam has stated probably failed to save the changes.

    You can set up the Event Scheduler to Save the Database at some suitable time e.g. 4am every day automatically.
    Target the World object connection "Save Database".

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