Hi All,

I've been searching around for a way of attaching pattresses to Din Rail for use with anything that requires mounting in a pattress but haven't found anything at a reasonable cost in this country so I decided to design my own.

My design has two holes of 2.8mm diameter that allows the pattress to be screwed directly to it using some 3mm machine screws; the holes should match the ones in the back of the pattress. It also has an indentation to allow cables to run out of the back of the pattress.

There's also a good surface to stick other units to it that can't be screwed.

Here's a picture. (Click to enlarge)
Pattress din clip 4.jpg

I'm currently talking to a 3D printing company about making them for me.

They are coming out at 1.62 each

I'm thinking of ordering 24 which will attract carriage costs of 6

I'm wondering if anybody else is interested in any as no matter how many I order the unit cost stays the same and so does the carriage, hence cost reduces !!!

- Neil