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    Default GU10 LEDs for LD11s

    I've been replacing halogen GU10s around the house as and when I could afford them (and had the time to convert from 12v back to 240v). After a bit of experimenting I settled on Crompton GU10s because I liked the brightness (500 candela), the temperature (3000k) and the spread (50).

    I bought another batch this weekend to convert two bathrooms. Stupidly I completely forgot that these two rooms are controlled by X10 LD11s.

    It was only after I fitted the lamps and discovered I had a disco in the room with flashing lights (and that's before I'd even switched them on!) that I remembered about the LD11s.

    So after a bit of reading around both here and other sites I'm still not entirely sure this problem is solvable? Each room has 5 down-lighters so a total of just 30W which is way below the recommended minimum for an LD11. However I've read some posts that suggest Megaman or Brightlightz 5W GU10s work okay with LD11s. However are they using them 10 or more lamps to get the wattage up over 60W? I'd hate to go an spend another 100 quid or so on 10 GU10s to find they don't work. Also both those are not as bright and are whiter than the Cromptons. Can anyone help with a recommendation please? Thanks...
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