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Thread: Upgrading from Honeywell HCM 200D to Honeywell evohome

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    Default Upgrading from Honeywell HCM 200D to Honeywell evohome

    I have a Honeywell Hometronic system installed in my house with a Hometronic Manager HCM 200D controlling everything, 16 rooms with 23 Honeywell HR80s on the radiators (some rooms have 2 radiators), linked back to the boiler with a HS 30 switch for the hot-water (manual operation from the HS30 and timed operation from HCM 200D where I have a device set up as 'hot water') and a HC60NG controller for the central heating (manual control on HC60NG, boiler feedback from operation of the HR80s and automated control from the HCM 200D).

    I am looking to upgrade now and wondering if it is simply a matter of replacing the HCM 200D with the Honeywell evohome?
    Are there limitations on the evohome controlling 16 rooms and 23 radiators?
    Will all of my hardware above work with the evohome or do I need to replace the HS30 (for hot water), HC60NG (for heating) or HR80s (for radiator control)?

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    Evo only supports 12 heating zones, so you would need to use two Evos to keep independent control of 16 zones.

    Evo is 868MHz only so you would also need to replace your HS30 with the Evo Hot Water kit.

    Your HR80s and HC60NG will be fine with Evo.
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