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Thread: Using xAP Flash on Joggler with LightwaveRF

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    Default Using xAP Flash on Joggler with LightwaveRF


    I've just come to the world of xAP Flash, and I'm keen to use it on a Joggler to control LightwaveRF devices.

    I think I understand that these are not BSC devices? - as they (the ones I use: switches, dimmers) are one-way only, i.e. you can't query them. I want to use xAP Flash to send the raw UDP data for a LightwaveRF command to the LightwaveRF wifi link
    - for example, to turn on device 1 in room 4, the LightwaveRF command is 001,!R4D1F1 (where 001 is an incrementing sequence number), and the corresponding hex data is 30 30 31 2c 21 52 34 44 31 46 31 0d.

    I've read the livebox:xapflash documentation at, in particular the section describing the <on> / <off> tags (quoted below), and I assume that I create my target as <vendor>.<device>.<instance>, and include the above hex (with spaces removed) after 'data='. However, I don't know what 'class' to use - I assume not the one shown, as this is for RF commands?

    Any help or pointers would be gratefully received!



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    Hi Mike,

    xAP Flash was architected for devices that use the xAP BSC schema; it does have some ability to send and receive other schema (class=) but in a rather ad hoc way. What you really need is a program that will add xAP BSC control capability to Lightwave devices but as you correctly pointed out because Lightwave is one way only then it can't technically be supported by BSC because that is fundamentally a two way schema.

    It might be possible to create another schema that sent commands to Lightwave, and it might exist although I'm not aware of one. Essentially this would be a program that listened for a xAP Lightwave schema command and then sent out the appropriate UDP message for you. xAP Flash can't send a UDP sequence of data byes for you directly so your current idea isn't going to work.

    I am not sure if you have a HAH LiveBox ? If you do you could write some LUA code for that which could be triggered by a button press on the Joggler and then send the appropriate UDP control message. Best to ask on the LiveBox forum about any other users who might have played with Lightwave. It seems some have but it's unfortunately not a system I use. I may be talking nonsense and there may be inbuilt support within HAH... and that can be triggered directly from xAP Flash on the Joggler

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    Thanks, Kevin, for your quick reply.

    It's a shame that xAP Flash can't send a UDP sequence of data bytes directly, as I like the ability to configure the GUI front-end.

    As I said, I'm really looking for a solution for my Joggler to send (UDP) commands to the LightwaveRF WiFi Link
    - I can do this on my Mac, using PacketSender to send commands like that in my original post
    - there is also a Ruby gem (by pauly on GitHub), whereby you can send commands in Terminal such as 'lightwaverf Study Ceiling on'.

    I'll look at the HAH LiveBox and the LiveBox forum, as you suggest
    - I've already discovered that there is a Generic RF Tx for the HAH, and this has been used with a LightwaveRF product, so this may be the way to go.

    Thanks for your help,


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