Good morning. I have gone through the threads already on here, but couldnít quite find a thread that had my particular problem, so I thought I would give it a go.

I have recently bought a house and moved in. Afterwards when the Sky man arrived, we realised we had trouble. There is a Xantech (MRC88) system in the loft space with CAT5 cables all over the house and speakers in the ceilings. It works well and I was mildly amused for a while until I got tired of the pixilated images and decided to upgrade to HD without replacing it with a HD Xantech system (if there is such a thing). Iíve tried various combinations of RCA to HDMI converters and then extend the signal via a HDMI extender down the CAT5 cable and then ultimately to the TV. The picture is always a little pixilated and the sound has a lag in some cases. I was hoping there would be an all in one solution. I have found a Xantech HDMI distribution switch but thatís not going to extend over CAT5 and I cant see how to use that with my existing mrc88. Iím looking for something that can convert RCA to HDMI and extend over CAT5 in one appliance.

UNLESS I can het a Xantech HDMI replacement for the MRC88 which I cant find on the internet?