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Thread: Missing zones on evohome app - steps to help

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    Default Missing zones on evohome app - steps to help

    Some users maybe getting missing zones after the recent app & gateway upgrade. Whilst very rare, here are the steps to help rectify. The Gateway needs to be reset to remove any old settings and memory, and rebound back into the system. You do not need to delete or readd to the TCC online account.

    1. Clear gateway binding (very important)
    press and hold gateway button (under base) for >5 seconds until RF LED (middle) goes out.

    2. Clear gateway binding at evotouch:
    Press and hold “SETTINGS” button on home screen for >5 seconds until “SYSTEM CONFIGURATION” screen appears.
    Press green tick to proceed to “INSTALLATION MENU”
    Press “SYSTEM DEVICES” button
    Press “REMOTE GATEWAY” button
    Press “NO REMOTE GATEWAY” button”
    Press back arrow button to return to “INSTALLATION MENU”

    3. Put gateway in to binding mode
    Press gateway button for ~1 second until RF LED starts flashing green.

    4. Bind evotouch to gateway
    From “INSTALLATION MENU” screen:
    Press “ADD GATEWAY” button
    Press green BIND button in the centre of the screen.

    If binding is successful, the evotouch will show “SUCCESS” screen, and gateway RF LED will go solid green.
    If binding is unsuccessful, repeat ALL steps.

    Please wait 5 minutes before checking that the APP has all the correct zone information.

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