Hi there,

We've all been playing around with decoding what is going on with the app accessing the EvoHome API over the web. I applied via the Honeywell website for API details, but have heard nothing back. Has anyone else done this and has anyone heard anything from Honeywell regarding public details on their API ?

It would be nice to be able to have a website with control of your home, but also the ability to turn on 'logging', ie. monitor my home for 24hour to check what the temperature drops were like. ie. if I have my livingroom set to 15 overnight, yet it drops to 14 during the night it will turn my heating on. I'd like to know this, so I could set the room to 13, so it doesn't turn on at all overnight.

Also, I suspect one of my HR80's is broken and reading a constant 19. How can I monitor each unit over time to check that they are in fact reporting temps correctly ?