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Thread: Recommendations for new starter?

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    Default Recommendations for new starter?


    I'm looking to start out automating my home, and would welcome any advice you can offer. I work in IT, so technical topics don't worry me.

    Before I start on the main house, I'm looking to set-up a pilot in my garden cabin where I work most of the time.

    I'm thinking the usual things - window/door sensors, light switches, temperature/light sensors, ip camera, some wall sockets, etc.

    I have quote an old house, so I'm looking to go wireless - probable Z-wave (my home Internet is also mostly wireless, with some Powerline adapters feeding 2 other WAP's and the home server mentioned below).

    I have a Windows server in the cabin that is on 24/7 (also used for Plex/SABnzbd/Sickbead/Couchpotato/etc.), so I'm hoping to use that, with a Z-Wave USB adapter, for the controller rather than buy a dedicated HA controller. Eventually, I may move this onto a Raspberry Pi, but for now I want to stick with Windows (at least for the pilot).

    I'd also like to be able to control all this using my Android phone, iPad, kids iPods, etc.

    I've been searching around and it looks like there are various options for the control software that meets most of my needs (did I mention free/open source??):

    • Domoticz
    • HomeGenie
    • OpenRemove
    • OpenHAB

    Are there any clear winners or losers out of these, or any others that would do what I want?

    Also, anyone have any experiences with these, and whether they really work with the USB Z-Wave adapters, etc?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Welcome doh.

    Check out these links to begin with

    You're idea of testing first is a good one. Different people want/expect different things so having a play on a small scale is the best way.


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    Thanks - I've checked those out - very interesting (some way to go before I get there though).

    Eager to hear others experiences of these software products...

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