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Thread: 24/7 PC suddenly not working, clicking noise - any ideas

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    just to follow up ...

    we did buy a new HD, but it showed less sign of life than the old one - ie: when we switched-on the PC, the new one was quiet, at least so far as we could hear, while the old one went click click click ...

    we did measure lots of voltages, but couldn't decide whether it was the motherboard or the power supply that wasn't behaving itself - ie: the power supply is smart & delivers only what's required by the motherboard - ie: absence of voltage at any particular terminal could be due to power supply having a fault or the motherboard not asking for it, for whatever reason, perhaps a fault ...

    Googling revealed that click click click ... sounds from the motherboard beeper were once, in the early days of PCs, indicative of power supply faults ... not sure that's still the case, or not ...

    in our case, the click click click ... of the beeper was in-synch with a similar sound from the (old) HD ...

    tempting to think we should try a new ACX power supply ...

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