Hi all

First post so please be gentle!

I want to zone my heating system so I only heat the rooms we are using. Both my wife and I work from home but often end up heating the lounge and bedroom when we only want the office and dining room (second office) heated. Due to the zone requirement I have ruled out quite a few systems and ended up with a short list of Evohome, Heat Genius or some homebrew Z Wave system. I have ruled out the LightwaveRF heating control due to no interlock and some very dodgy time settings.

My problem is I can decide which to go for. What I have so far...

Evo Home
  • User friendly with touch screen
  • Easy to adjust room temps locally
  • Room temp is displayed on controllers
  • Well established company with track record. Evohome is the second version and established system

  • Need additional interface to allow control from anything other than the main controller
  • API is restricted to access via the internet, no local access if internet is down
  • Local adjustment not reflected in GUI
  • If controller fails valves have no scheduling built in

Heat Genius
  • Built in net connection
  • Valves work with their own schedule if the controller fails
  • Z Wave - can it be accessed by another controller

  • No temp reporting unless you by the extra room sensors
  • No stand alone controller - Needs a tablet / PC to control
  • Relatively new company - track record?
  • If the valves cannot report temp back, how is the boiler demand controlled?

I'm a bit concerned about valve noise. I have one of the Evohome valves as a standalone device and it is not as quiet as I would like it to be. Are the Danfoss valves any quieter?

What is the battery life like on any of the components such as valves and (PIRs for HG).

I would also like to set up Z-Wave lighting control so not sure if this will have any bearing on what system I can use?

Any information / opinions would be gratefully received.