Hello all, hopefully Rameses or one of the other knowledgeable regulars will be able to help with this...

I have an Evotouch (black-and-white model) with a BRD91 and 8 HR80UK valves, all installed in September 2013.

Last week I was woken by the boiler firing at 0500 and saw that the LED on the BRD91 was on despite everything programmed to be off at that time and no optimisation configured. Investigation revealed that one of the HR80s was showing a setpoint of 18C. It had been overriden manually during the previous day but should have been reset to 5C by the program at 0030. Is this likely to be a fault with the valve or the controller? (Repeated tests show the RF comms as being Excellent and 5/5. However four of the original 8 valves had E3 faults and were replaced under warranty, and a fifth has now failed as well).

I then experimented with various settings and discovered that overriding the valve setting fires the boiler even if the Operating Mode is set to Off or Holiday (either beforehand or afterwards), surely the Operating Mode setting should take precedence?

Also we had a power cut while the controller was in Holiday mode and I discovered that afterwards it had re-booted in normal mode instead. Subsequent investigation showed that this happens for any power cut lasting long enough to run down the batteries i.e. more than 3 hrs. Is this behaviour to be expected? This would mean that if we are away in winter and there is a power cut (not infrequent in rural Devon) we will be heating the house un-necessarily for the rest of the holiday.

If these are problems with the controller software have there been any updates which can be applied to my system?

TIA, Chris