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Thread: Infra red taps for sale

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    Default Infra red taps for sale

    Related to Home automation of sorts.

    We have bought some beautiful Italian basin taps with a built in infra red sensor.

    They were imported by me into the UK

    See below for a pic

    The picture does not do the tap justice - it is bigger and more substantial than the picture suggests.

    These retail for 380 in the UK.

    I am selling them for 200 each plus p&p.

    They are substantial taps, and look stunning (and IMHO are worth it even without the infra red sensor).

    They are powered by 4 AA batteries, which are easy to fit, and last around 200 hours (per specs).

    You can adjust the temperature on the tap itself.

    Any more info please email OFFLIST to

    You are of course welcome to see before you buy - I live near Manchester.

    Also, we have imported some steam showers which have some HA facilities
    eg remote control, cd/mp3 phono input, speaker, telephone (yes thats right), and lighting.

    Some friends have seen these, and we want to order some more, but is not cost effective unless we have a full container. If anyone is interested in these showers, drop me a line.

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    Default Re: Infra red taps for sale

    Do you have any other links for the taps? Or technical info on the taps.

    Contrary to the popular saying - your picture doesn't "paint a thousand words".

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