Hi there first post here however I can tell it will be the first of many. I live in a city centre flat and as such there is no Gas central heating just electric wall heaters.

I was wondering if there is any way to control these items? The wall heaters are connected to the electricity supply via a Switched fuse connection unit. I turn these on and the heaters get power and heat the room. (The switched fuse wall socket can be left on and the heaters can be run on a timer there etc however it cant be done remotely and there is no temperature control.)

My question is, is there anyway to put a module on the wall switch that will allow me to operate these heaters remotely and perhaps going down the line get some more temperature control. Im not really sure what i need to start looking for however I understand the concepts and really would like to get into the home automation scene.

Any thoughts on the matter would be greatly received.

Many thanks in advance,