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Thread: What would you like to see in evohome? (have your say)

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    So been off this thread for a while so after 2 ½ years since starting it what are the actual results that have been implemented?

    Big thanks to @Rameses for partaking and staying tuned in on this.

    When I first got the Evohome system it was state of the art, best thing since sliced bread but I fear it is being caught up with the new boys in town with greater flexibility and more importantly, better home automation integration, particularly in Europe where we don't even get some of the stuff the USA have had for years!

    I'm giving Evohome another 6 months to catch up or it is getting replaced with something more advanced or at least, at the same level but more friendly from an integration perspective and with Global baseline products.

    When Evohome security came out, I was so disappointed in some of the products - particularly the camera (I mean, 640 x 352 resolution photo only camera in 2017, WTF??) and other limitations that I've pretty much scrapped the idea of using it as an integrated home product. This is affecting my Evohome perception specifically and Honeywell in general.

    It would be nice to get back to the top of the game Honeywell, please at least keep the communications coming.

    Edited to add:

    I would be willing to purchase a new controller if that is what it took to 'upgrade' the system. I can't see that being insurmountable a reason not to bring in new features and functionality and yet still maintain backward compatibility with the valves & relays - it is after just ones and zeroes comms between them and the controller.
    Thanks - its not just me - the product team read this forum - so Honeywell does take this feedback on board.
    Speaking personally (as I always do as views are my own in all cases) - We (anyone in interested in the smarter connected home) are in a odd quandary. Heating systems are not mobile phones. They are supposed to be integral infrastructure to the home. For every one person that wants the latest gadget there is someone who is content. That said we (all of us) need to innovate and I can honestly say there is a good roadmap, both driving value to existing products and new exciting ones coming. All of this has to be done with the one goal of never losing that trust & performance and delivering what the product is primarily intended to so. We will never knowingly sacrifice performance over being first to adopt, so in this respect other products may deliver what someone else values, which is fine.

    The input from this forum does get read and Honeywell will constantly innovate - so I know they 'thank you' for input as they see it as endorsement of the work they are doing (behind the scenes you cannot see)

    With ref to evohome security camera. I just wanted to point out, the camera is 640 x 352 (its a wireless motion sensor with camera) , but you have to consider, this is because it is was intended as an easily install-able product. It runs from 2 AA batteries designed to typically last 2 years!!! It is transmitting secure images across a 868Mhz low power spectrum - it pushes the boundaries of current technology with the original goal in mind. Other products can offer faster speeds, greater resolution, at the expense of larger battery blocks or needing to be hard wired. It is designed to show you if really have a burglar or if the cat knocked over the plant pot, providing more information for you to see if there is real cause for alarm. It is not intended to zoom in on the burglars face or show the tattoo detail on their arm. If this feature is needed then another product will be needed.
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