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Thread: What would you like to see in evohome? (have your say)

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    Quote Originally Posted by roydonaldson View Post
    1. Geo-fencing. Ability to have EvoHome app on multiple phones detect everyone has left the house and set it to Economy mode. Then detect people are returning and turn Economy mode off. Similar to functionality in Tado.

    Have a look at IFTTT. (Google it). This allows you to establish geo-fencing and other similar user cases.
    Sure but now you're relying on 2 3rd-party servers. And IFTTT is totally opaque (as far as I know) how it works. If they can do this with your Evo data, why can't you?

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    Although charting and a lot of other feature people have posted here would be great - I would just like the following 2 things to make it useable:
    1. Quieter HR92s- yes Im one of those that cant use evohome in bedrooms.
    2. The ability to limit the DHW and Heating temperatures - could simply be a max % demand limit for heating EASY FIX. This would solve problems seen with some boilers using the honeywell eveohome opentherm controller.

    Not too much to ask - thought I was buyng a system that was better than this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rameses View Post
    They do. All the product teams review the feedback. Honeywell has a good plan to maintain leadership in the Home Comfort markets, but don't reveal plans or products until they are ready. And by ready, we mean worthwhile, not just for the sake of change, along with pushing to ensure it upholds (and exceeds) security and performance expectations.
    How is the good plan for maintaining leadership in the Home Comfort market coming along? Honeywell seems to have been a non-player recently with Evohome at least (no new products for years and last firmware update late 2017). I have two projects on the go currently and am not confident enough in Evohome’s future to invest further in it for one. For the other more greenfield and simpler project Wiser seems a better choice as it is more modern, seemingly actively maintained and marginally cheaper.

    Any reasons for staying with Honeywell?

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    The more I read this board the more I'm reminded how unique each of our situations is. I'm a late adopter around 12 months ago. Thanks to the posters here I invested with my eyes relatively wide open and I'm incredibly grateful to all of you!
    My own house is a tall end of terrace Victorian setup where passive TRVs were simply not working in our interests. Maybe I should also confess that I was too lazy to be up & down 4 floors enough to monitor. Evo has worked brilliantly for us in this regard.

    On my (albeit limited) analysis it's saved reasonable cash. Gas usage is definitely down but he big benefits have been comfort and convenience. Back to the thread though, I really need remote connectivity that is robust. I have a solid and fast fibre connection that is rarely flakes. Everyone rightly has different and specific needs but my single priority is reliable and regular connection. I know enough about the hardware limitations of the system to expect little more than I bought into. I will say that the app is proving way more stable for me recently.

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