Is anyone monitoring or acting on this? In case they are, my inputs collated and re-prioritised:

1) Percentage duty cycle per zone shown on Home Screen – at a glance confirmation of status and operation, heat source percentage could be displayed too
2) Multi-step or proportional Cold Weather Boost – something subtler and progressive
3) System Summary to show sensed and target temperatures as well as percentages
4) System Summary accessible from Home screen – not hidden behind settings warning dialogue
5) At least 6 zones on Idle Screen
6) Separate frost-prevention and controllable minimum settings – it's nice to limit the min-max range to make the app and HRs easier to use, e.g. restrict to 15 to 25C, but system OFF should still apply 5C safety frost-prevention levels when zone or system is OFF (at the moment that seems to follow the min for the zone)
7) Android App showing all information at a glance as per Home Screen (incl. 1) or System Summary (incl. 3,4)
8) A smaller Y87RF replacement with a table stand – just a sensor and input device
9) Quieter HR92 replacement using rechargeable Lithium Ion cells – unobtrusive and efficient operation with less frequent intervention