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That's quite simple: it's V*I. The main question here is: how do the curves for `I` relate to each other when you feed the motor with 3V versus 2.3V?
So do we know that the motor is normally driven at 3 volts ? Has anyone measured it ? In stroke 1 or stroke 0 mode ?

There is a clearly audible difference in motor turning speed between the two stroke modes so the voltage must differ between the two. If we take 3 volts as the nominal voltage then 23% of the power supplied for the motor would be consumed by the diodes due to the 0.7v drop.

This could have a significant effect on battery life, however the thing that is completely unknown (and which some of us have speculated about before) is what proportion of the total battery consumption of these units is the brief bursts of operating the motor and what proportion is the wireless comms and standby power of the circuitry... although the motor uses orders of magnitude more current when turning, it's duty cycle across a day is also vanishingly small.