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Thread: Recovering Hometronic after a power cut

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    Default Recovering Hometronic after a power cut


    In recent years there have been way more power cuts in sunny Godalming than you would ever believe (including Christmas Eve and Christmas Day last year). When the power is out for more than an hour or so I find that all my TRVs lose contact with the Hometronic Controller. The odd thing is that the temperature is still being reported back, and the symbol to show that a connection with the controller is established, but the TRVs won't respond to a requested change in temperature.

    The only solution I have found is to quickly whip out a battery and replace in each TRV and they dutifully SYNC and everything is OK again. The problem with this is that I have about 30 of the things to do and it takes a while!

    Any better suggestions from anybody?


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    Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for the controller? You can get some fairly cheap ones these days that should keep the controller going for a fair while as I doubt it uses much energy.

    Other than that how about a backup generator? :-) Slightly tongue in cheek, but that's what I'll be getting soon as we're just down the road outside Haslemere and suffer similar power cuts during bad weather.


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