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Thread: Cumulative on time

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    Default Cumulative on time

    I have a pressure pump that pumps water into the building and I would like to have information about the cumulative on time per day. The motor has a digital output which I use to get the information into Cortex.
    Presently I have connected the digital output from the motor to a digital input and then created a virtual motor control object. In its activity window I can see the "Todays cumulative on time".
    What I would like to is the following:

    1. To be able to see the cumulative on time on a display as well as on the website
    2. To be able to see historical values for a month etc.

    Any one knows how to solve this?

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    we've long wanted to do something of the sort, but have yet to work out how !

    current General Logic building blocks don't allow contriving something, either ...

    thought this (eg) might be a good way to present the data :

    thought there might be a route via xAP, to which Cortex can link, but haven't been able to decipher it !
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