Got this in my inbox so thought I would help by posting it on the forums for him.

Steve Clapham wrote:

My Imerge 3000 SOundserver has broken again. Last time I sent it off to the US for repair (at vast expense) and I am now fed up. I wanted to ask you and your colleagues on the forum two questions please but am struggling as to how to post

1 is there anyone ouot there who can repair these units in the UK. When I switch on the screen goes haywire and the systtem just wont boot up
2 my alternative is to find a replacement. It drives an Opus 500 multi-room system. Is there a better and cheaper media server out there? A work colleague recommended buying a network storage array and connecting wirelessly whcih would certainly be useful for rooms not covered by the Opus but I woudl like to use the existing Opus system for my living room and kitchen as I use that to drive the TV signals, DVD, music and security cameras.

It would seem madness to abandon the Opus system entirely so what I would like to understand is whether I can buy a controller for a NAS which would be compatible with the Opus system.

Thanks for your help