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Thread: Introduction to FirM , FirM Jr +Probe System

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    Default Introduction to FirM , FirM Jr +Probe System

    Hi and Welcome to the FirM Forum

    Just a brief introduction to FirM , FirM Jr and Probe Zone Hub hardware .

    Firstly FirM , FirM Jr and Probe System are all cat5 based systems
    and rely on the user having a structured wiring system in place..


    FirM (38khz) is a hardware IR TRANSPORT device which was initially designed with Homevision HA Controller in mind...It allows Homevision to send Infrared signals to any of its 8 tx zones....It also has the ability to inform Homevision which zone of its 8 zones a received ir signal came from...Having the ability firstly to transmit to different zones allows users to control identical equipment in different zones (rooms)..Having the ability of identifying the zone an ir signal came from allows users to use the same remote for any identical equipment and Homevision will respond sending ir to the correct zone...also a remote used in zone 1 for dvd control could be used in zone 2 for vcr control...Im currently using a cheap 6 button remote to control my cbus lighting and can roam from room to room controlling lights with this same FirM reports the receiving zone so Homevision knows which lights need to be controlled ...

    FirM HomePage

    FirM Review

    Recent dev work on FirM
    The new Homevision I/O Expander now allows FirM to connect to the Homevision Expansion bus freeing up valuable I/O.

    FirM Jr (38khz)

    FirM Jr is a simple ir repeater system...which does not require a HA Controller to operate...Any ir received from room receivers ir repeated back to FirM Jr as well as room receivers...Doesnt have zone receive identification like FirM but does have the busy indicator like FirM to indicate to all users that ir is being sent...Up to 6 FirM Jr receivers can be connected to FirM Jr ....and there is provision to inject ir say from Homevision , Usbuirt ,CBUS ,KAT5 etc via an opto isolated input....

    FirM Jr HomePage

    FirM Jr Review

    Probe System
    This system is used to monitor the on / off status of equipment such as tv,s dvd players vcr,s etc

    It uses 3 pieces of hardware

    1: Probe Zone Hub
    This is the main controller which when requested returns the status of a probe to a host Controller such as Homevision , xPLHAL etc....The probe status can be requested via i/o connections at the rear OR a serial connection on the front facia panel... there is led indication on the frontfacia panel to indicate the zone number and probe number that was last requested and its status..

    2:Probe Zone Monitor

    This device is located in each zone (room) and this allows probes to be connected to it via the stereo sockets at the rear...Up to 6 probes can be connected to the Probe Zone Monitor and there are bi coloured leds on the front facia panel for status indication for each Probe............

    Currently there are 2 probes available

    1:video probe
    2:led probe

    The video probe connects to the video out of equipment such as vcr,s dvd players etc to monitor the on / off status of equipment...There is also a modded led probe used to monitor the on / off status of x10 devices...see review below

    The led probe is used for equipment that doesnt have a video out connector
    but has an on / off led indicator instead ...

    Currentr dev work on Probe system..

    1: The new Homevision I/O Expander now allows the Probe system to connect to the Homevision Expansion bus freeing up valuable I/O.

    2:Working on a small pir probe to indicate that a zone has been vacated after x amount of minutes.......

    Probe Home Page

    Probe Review

    x10 Monitoring

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