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Don't both radiuses need to be the same? Otherwise, if your leaving radius is small, it will switch off, but you are now in the radius to switch it back on again, so it will get reverted!

I am surprised there isn't an easier way of Geofencing based on User A + User B. In other words, if User A has left home radius AND User B has left home radius THEN switch heating to away mode. Conversely, if User A OR User B returns to home radius, THEN switch heating back on normal scheduling. I believe this could be done with Life360 and I see a recipe for it.
They are set as two separate recipes..... hmmm I see what you mean. Thinking about it though. after you have left the house and triggered the leaving the house recipe then you are already in the exit radius, therefore you can't trigger it and as you travel out then it presumably it knows whether you are entering or exiting. (I am off work tomorrow and out and about so will test it further.) I think it did work as intended though (apart from me accidentally straying into the area on my travels.)

I have tried the Life360 recipe but it relies on the whole family having the tracking app switched on and son has already twigged that it is a tracking app and I can see exactly where he is

IFTTT could do with getting a bit more complicated as 'IF THIS AND THAT, THEN' would be more useful. Or 'IF THIS AND THAT, THEN THIS AND THAT' so you could have 2 zones of heating coming on when a trigger happens.