Can any one help ? I have 30 Radiators with the old HR80 units on them, this was part of an old CM zone setup. The system has a 28mm zone valve controlling the heating and and a 22mm valve controlling the Hot Water. I now have on BDR91 with the Hot Water Kit operating the 22mm HW valve and on BDR91 operating the 28mm heating valve.

I have bound the first central control unit to the 9 downstairs radiator zones and the Hot Water Kit, with no Boiler Demand and this is all working ok. I do not see how to configure the second Central Controler to the BDR91 which is controlling the Heating without using the Boiler Demand binding, which I understand is not the correct dinding for a two port s plan system.

Simple really, can anyone tell me how to bind the second EvoHome Controler to the Heating BDR91, I sure I must be missing something.