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I had a trawl through the other threads but could only find requests for new evohome functionality


in simple one line sentences
please list the topics and details that you would like to see in an enhanced manual

Extra technical documentation is needed so that installers and users can get the most from the system and troubleshoot problems themselves without calling Honeywell or getting so frustrated they get disillusioned by the system. I would suggest the following need to be included in this supplementary technical documentation.

Target audience:
  • Installers and expert self-installers who have successfully completed the online training and have a reasonable knowledge of configuring central heating and probably some knowledge of configuring computer-mechanical systems.

The technical documentation should include many things including those listed below. The greyscale manual is probably a good starting point but more is needed:
  • Decent detailed documentation about how the system works and the different config options. For instance explaining how the objects/data is structured internally and how each relates to the other. For instance how the boiler demand function relates to the CH/HW valves, how the multi-room function works and what it does, how multiple sensors and actuators in a zone are handled
  • A logic diagram of the total config tree as it is implemented in the evohome controller and what each element in the config tree means and its implications for other parts of the system
  • How optimisation works and what to expect when it is turned on
  • How the different types of zones (radiator, zone valve etc.) work and the various components relate to each other.
  • How to check the system is configured in the way you assume. For instance what is bound to the system and the function of the bound device
  • Description of the communication architecture. For instance how often comms happens between various components and what happens if the communication is disturbed in some way. Is there a difference between comms to/from battery devices such a HR92 and mains powered devices such as BDR91a
  • How the reset the system completely
  • How to include fail safes such as an upper limit HW thermostat and frost stat

It would be good for the technical documentation to have four sections:
  • A reference section containing all the technical reference material (as described above)
  • An application section showing how to structure and configure the system for a range of existing setups (for instance sundial S and Y plans). What are the permissible configuration scenarios, recommended configurations, guidance on how to divide up the system into zones etc.
  • A wizard section showing how to complete key tasks such as add a zone, change the master sensor in a radiator zone with multiple HR92s etc. (the existing doco mostly addresses this)
  • A trouble shooting section covering how to trouble shoot common failure scenarios such as intermittent communication failures/errors

The four sections deal with 4 different 'dimensions' in the knowledge/skills required to effectively understand, setup and troubleshoot the system

Hope this makes sense.