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Thread: Hot water parameters ?

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    Default Hot water parameters ?

    Hi there,

    Can we get some definition on the 3 parameters for the Hot Water kit please ? There is no Help text for any of them.


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    Hot water overrun
    Specifies how long the valve for the hot water is open or the hot water pump is running to extract all the heat to avoid blocking the heat source.

    Needs to be Figure 4 installation 'hot water single valve' with boiler relay for this to work

    Hot water differential

    Setting the switching differential of the domestic hot water control.

    Standard is 10 degrees, what this means is that the hot water temperature needs to drop to 50 degrees before the hot water relay (valve) will open again to heat the cylinder. I usually trim to to 7 degrees on a vented tank and 5 degrees on an unvented tank

    Hot water temperature

    Setpoint for the hot water temperature, typically adjusted to 60 degrees in UK to ensure legionella disinfection

    hope this clarifies

    no reason why these parameters are not covered in the manual, just an omission
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