Hey all,
After years of obsessing about home automation I can finally start next month (moving out of a flat into a terrace house that will actually benefit from it). So what are people's opinions on the opensource platforms in their current state?

I have an unRaid machine all ready to go that I plan on installing a Linux Distro VM on (probably Debian), it'll be up 24/7 as it's going to take over from my aging Drobo and Cubox as my main file server in the house. SO I plan on getting the Aeon Labs USB controller and having a go with OpenHab 2.0, which is the one I'm leaning too at the minute.

I wouldn't call myself a coder but I know Python and various proprietary languages, so am not frightened of getting my hands dirty. Stability and expandability is my main remit, although ease of use is a plus.

The ones I've had a look at are:
OpenHab (thoughts on version 2.0?)

I did consider running a OSX VM and running Indigo, but I think the overhead is too great when I can install a headless Debian distro and run these much smaller projects on it.

I welcome all your opinions & suggestions.